Wemasoft Enterprise-Grade E-Procurement System enables you to control the entire purchasing process, from the initial request through to receipt for goods/services received. The software ensures adherence to procurement policies, procedures and budget.

The system will eliminate your paperwork, reduce your requisition approval time, and lower the number of inquiries your purchasing staff receives. Suitable for companies running as few as 3 procurement employees to 100’s of staff members.

The system is integrated, seamlessly integrating Procurement, End-to-End Supplier Relationship Management, Accounts Payables, Budget Control, Contract management and Treasury Central Supplier Database into one system though they can be used as stand-alone. It also integrates into external systems such as Pastel.

See The Improvements in your Procurement Process

Reduce Your Costs

Lower Your Procurement Costs By Up to 45% By Eliminating Unnecessary Paperwork, Reworks and Errors.

Increase Your Efficiency

Streamline Your Purchasing Process Control By Managing All Your Spend And Ensuring Full Visibility of Committed and Incurred Costs.

Save Your Time

Reduce Your Procurement Process Cycle Time By Up To 75% By Automating Your Tasks and Reducing Your Procurement Workload.

Control Your Budget

Your Approvals Are Checked Against Available Budget So You’ll Be Able To Monitor Your Budget Against Your Spend

Drive Policy Adherence

Your Business Rules Are Coded Into Our Procurement System To Ensure They Are Automatically Enforceable By The System.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

Full Audit Trails Make Trace-ability of All Your Procurement Activity Easy – Now You Know Where All Your Money Is Going

Keynote Features

Handle your Procurement Process easily with our Procurement Software. It allows you to create purchase order requests, file your expenses and fill in travel requisition orders at quickly and painlessly.

With Us Your Procurement Process Can Be Simplified

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Managing supplier interactions manually can be costly and time-consuming, whether you’re capturing supplier details, answering queries, or conducting performance evaluation.

The cold truth is you need world class technology to get it right. That’s where we come in.

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Wemasoft Enterprise Accounts Payables System optimizes the process of capturing, verifying, and getting approval with intelligent capture, and electronic workflow capabilities — helping your company save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships.

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You know that Contract Management can be difficult – We make easier – with our Contract Management software, your contracts will be effectively managed. To allow you to focus on doing what makes your business thrive.

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Your assets and inventory are the life blood of your business. Without good management of them it can leave you losing time and money. Our software can help you prevent that.

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Strategic Procurement

Our E-Procurement Software will enable you to:

  • Have Faster Supplier Processing Times
  • Track Your Expenses Better
  • Gain Control Of Your Contracts
  • Gain Actionable Insights On Your Procurement Process
  • Automate Your Procurement Process

Strategy Development

  • Procurement
  • Contract Management
  • Inventory & Asset Management
Save Your Time And Money

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I have worked with Wemasoft twice now for procurement software implementations. They are experts in their field and always deliver fast and within budget.

Stefan Lauber
, Ifundi

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