// Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

When looking at these sequential steps, companies spend a lot of time matching invoice data to the original purchase order (PO) or contract (invoice verification), and acquiring approval (invoice approval). It’s in these areas that technology can increase efficiency and offer the greatest cost savings.

Wemasoft Enterprise Accounts Payables System (AP) optimizes the process of capturing, verifying, and getting approval with intelligent capture, and electronic workflow capabilities — helping your company save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships.

// Benefits

Benefits of the Accounts Payable (AP) / Creditors System

Spend Visibility

Delivers spend visibility from start to finish.

Eliminate Human Error

Eliminates human intervention via transferring capturing of invoices to suppliers, and the system verifies against Purchase Order or Contract before submission.

Adherence To Contract Limits

The systems checks contract limit, as well as deliverables before approval hence making payments as per contract in place.


Provides customised ERP-independent workflow.

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Invoice capturing

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Invoice Verification & matching

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Invoice Approval

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