June 06, 2024

Mastercard-funded Academy

The academy, is partly funded by the Master Card foundation and aims to develop young leaders across Africa. E-Procurement was implemented in Jan/Feb 2020. The organization has a staff of almost 200; of which 140 raise their own purchase requests on the system.

Before Wemasoft, the organization was using Kissflow. The challenges were:

  • Approval workflows were rigid – not as customizable to desired levels

  • Manual budget checking, when done

  • Limited automated messaging/reminders

  • Slow quote sourcing which was manual

  • Middle-manager requests were not approved by anyone

Client requirements

Key Takeaway

  • Client required automated document flow (Requisition-РО-Receipt)
  • Customizable and smooth approval workflow
  • Robust and flexible budgeting options
  • Ability to monitor budgets
  • Reasonable pricing
  • The automated centralized procurement process

  • Elimination of manual and paper-based work

  • Transparent PO status tracking

  • Customized approval workflow

  • Budget visibility before approval