June 06, 2024

The operations of the company are conducted around Projects

The company deals mostly with capital projects such as setup and installation of sewerage plants.The organization was using Pastel for accounting and its procurement process was purely manual. The team had to manually request and receive quotes, which involved a lot of scanning and arranging payments.The managements’ expectations from a purchasing system were : automated approval workflow, PO creation, and better control of project budgeting and spending.

Before Wemasoft implementation

After Wemasoft implementation

  • Project budget over runs

  • The approval process was inefficient, slow, and required a physical presence

  • Manual procurement process

  • Quote sourcing policies were not adhere to

  • Receiving quotes and invoices by email or physical mail

  • Better control of project spend

  • Accurate real-time data access

  • Automated procurement workflow

  • No physical presence is required; approval thresholds and policies